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Cymry Lerpwl

To Sir John Barbirolli on his birthday
2 December 1957

Another birthday? Yes, by gum;
Inexorably, how they come!
t was just the other day I dreamed
That all the things one time had seemed
Beyond my grasp! See! Now theyre mine!
Mine to enrich! Mine to make fine!

In England (Britain) and across the sea,
What kindness has been shown to me!
By men and women of all ranks
How genuine have been their thanks!
I owe them more than I can say,
For strength to carry on each day!

But more I owe to one most dear,
My wife who is for ever near!
With words of wisdom, grace and love,
She keeps me always far above
All hindrances, both great and small
That come, worse luck, to one and all!

With faith I face each coming morn
For through Gods power I am reborn!
His voice I hear in sounds and chords,
For Music hath no need of words!
And so, on this, my natal day,
I cry O K Im on my way!

E Cynolwyn Pugh
(New York, Cardiff and late of Liverpool,  father of Miss Nansi Pugh of Aigburth)

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