The Liverpool Welsh



 Dear Brenton  ( if I may call you by the Christian name )                       24 March 2019

I am a long   standing Presbyterian   Minister of Religion   who has served the city of Liverpool and the Liverpool    Welsh community   for nearly 51 years   from my base in the Penny Lane area. On Sunday  morning I read to the congregation a letter to you in  Welsh -  I am sure you would shoot everyone who speaks  a language other than English.! > My   congregation   suggested that I should   translate  the gist into English  so that you and your  fellow hard   right wingers can understand my plea for sanity. It  all happened in Christchurch in two mosques . I believe   with the hymnwriter  ‘that the voice of prayer is never silent’  You BT cannot  do so .If you thought you could  silence the prayers of the faithful   in a mosque, temple, synagogue/ chapel or church   then you were greatly  mistaken. But you did succeed   in killing 50 and injuring   many   more   precious souls.  BT – you made New Zealand suffer  like Afghanistan or Syria    You killed young and old ,  fathers and mothers   Many more would have been killed if the police and disciples of Mohammed  had not taken action  I do not know anything about you, except that your grandmother spoke wisely the other night  > She like  us  could not  fathom your motives or your  egocentric madness.  To me anyone who kills   worshippers have gone    into the hands of Satan , or better still, ‘the kingdom of darkness ‘.

 I speak Welsh as well as English   and I welcome   people   to our   fellowship who speak other languages. Life gets   richer when we read each other’s literature.      I have read   a large portion   of the   Koran. It is a sacred book that we should   read   side by side with other Scriptures like   the Holy Bible.  You would have not committed your deed if you knew what our friends stand for. Were you not taught   at home and in school as a young boy to appreciate   the efforts of those   who do good  in this world  and who respect  other folk’s culture  and who are bound together in  tangnefedd/ Peace   as we say  in  the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  

 New Zealand   has a   wonderful   female Prime Minister   who is an example   to the leaders of the Free World, to the leaders of   the Muslim countries, and the European Union She showed us an example of how to sympathise. But   I do not   agree   with her   reasonable plea.. Do not speak the words BT. Most will not. It is   a name   that you shudder when you hear it. The world will mention Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela before they will mention   the despised   name.  like the one on top of this letter…But   you are still a human being   who need to   plead for forgiveness.   I really mean it. Let the leaders of religion and the politicians of the   countries of   Asia visit you and speak to you in truth   the words that you need to hear.  Let the prison authorities surround you in your cell  with  posters   of all those you have killed and  injured .  I hope you will start showing   remorse at last for   you are a big stain   on the world’s   memory of mankind.

 Yours   in humanity,

Reverend  Professor David Ben Rees, Minister in Liverpool since 1968.